Our vision

We created Jansen & Bilgin International to accelerate the world’s transition to have half of the boards and management positions filled by women.

Diversity Consulting

Only 28% of companies had gender equality on their top-ten strategic priority in 2010. Of the companies that have implemented diversity measures, only 50% actually make progress on diversity (McKinsey Quarterly). At Jansen & Bilgin International we guide companies how to reach their diversity goals successfully.

Career Design Coaching

Vision session is the first session of Career Design Coaching Program by Jansen & Bilgin International. It is a 60 minutes coaching session where you and your coach together explore and create a clear vision of your ultimate success. You uncover hidden challenges/obstacles that could be sabotaging you to get there. You create a high level action plan to bridge the gap from where you are today to where you want to get to. You will leave the session energized and inspired to start working on your ultimate success.


Vision session will be followed by three coaching sessions to encourage you to stay on track, work through any obstacles you might face along the way and work on your development points to get there. Follow up sessions are designed based on your needs and action plan so you can get the most out of this program.


Your coach is Asli Bilgin, Founding Partner at Jansen & Bilgin International. She worked more than 20 years in various global positions (up to Senior Director level at Philips) until she decided to dedicate her time to Coaching & Leadership Development  and helping successful women design their career steps. She is certified by the MMS Institute for Professional Level Transformational Coaching and Mastered in Facilitation.

75% of the people we recruit are women

We invite you to hire Jansen & Bilgin International as your recruitment agency to recruit top women to get a more diverse workforce.

What we do as a process

Business Deep Dive

  • Coaching Hiring Managers to define key challenges and what they are looking for
  • Business interviews to go beyond the job description

Candidate Deep Dive

  • Coaching candidates to define their vision, motivation & fit
  • Capability assessments

Determine Right Fit

  • Personality assessment for the shortlisted candidates
  • Match business needs to candidate motivation

Coaching 1 year

  • Onboarding and one year transition coaching to ensure women are empowered to succeed

Diversity forward

  • Coaching team members
  • Training the teams to handle diversity to ensure they succeed

Our Team

Our team that would recruit for you   Broad network of candidates

Laurie Jansen

Managing Partner, Founder

Former Senior Manager P&G and Philips

Asli Bilgin

Executive Coach, Founder

  • Former Senior Director Philips
  • Gives vision sessions to candidates

Sarah Mahony


  • Entrepreneur
  • Former Shell
  • MBA University of Chicago

Jo Gibson

Senior Consultant

  • Entrepreneur
  • Former Philips
  • American & RSM MBA

Why work with us?

We Understand Business

  • We have business acumen, we can deep dive and understand business needs

We Understand Women

  • We are a partner to senior women to open up to us for their next step/motivations
  • Best women need convincing & guidance to take on certain roles
  • We empower women to take the step through coaching, vision sessions, training

We Have A Top Network

  • We have a network of senior women and experts in several industries/ functions
  • Match business needs to candidate motivation

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